DATA INSIGHT | May 01, 2009

May 2009

Please find attached the LCMC Monthly calendar for May

SPECIAL REPORT | April 29, 2009

Building Long Term Energy Security

This moment of global crisis, with the world economy contracting, commodity prices falling, and credit markets frozen, provides a unique opportunity to lay the groundwork for long-term energy security and more peaceful international relations. This report, written jointly by Ed Morse, David Goldwyn and Michelle Patron, three former government officials in private businesses today, was published by the Global Energy and Environment Initiative of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International… .......

SPECIAL REPORT | April 27, 2009

Nothing to sneeze at: data continue to suggest a weak oil market

Stories of swine flu outbreaks in several countries seem to have infected commodity markets this morning. WTI and Brent were briefly down nearly $3.50 (-6.8%) in early trading today amidst speculation that product demand would suffer as people and governments curtail travel should reports of this illness continue to spread. To be sure, a deadly flu outbreak is nothing to sneeze at. The so-called Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-9 likely killed upward of 50 million people worldwide and perhaps as ma… .......

SPECIAL REPORT | April 21, 2009

Rally Caps: New production dynamics require a rethinking of the 2010 natural gas market

Please see attached our latest Special Report: Rally Caps New production dynamics require a rethinking of the 2010 natural gas market Key Takeaways: 1) Natural gas producers have adapted to the low price environment by deferring production, effectively creating spare capacity. 2) Deferred production is occurring as producers aim to take advantage of the contango in the forward curve, not necessarily because the price of gas has dipped below operating costs. 3) Producers are also managing.....

SPECIAL REPORT | April 16, 2009

Before the Levee Breaks

Additional LNG may creep into the US market before the flood of new supply.

SPECIAL REPORT | March 30, 2009

Will April's demand slide more than match OPEC's supply cuts? Prices, data may point in different directions

A key question for this week – indeed for this month – is whether crude oil will see its sixth week of price gains, after increasing 51.3% since mid-February, or whether prices will continue the fall that began toward the end of last week, following bearish DOE data that showed a large crude oil inventory build of 4.9 mb east of the Rocky Mountains.